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Hunger Bytes! Find out for yourself!
por Administrador da Plataforma AVEPB - Quinta, 22 Novembro 2007, 01:58
Hunger Bytes! Find out for yourself!

The United Nations World Food Programme ( is asking videomakers to unleash their creativity and produce the funniest, strangest or edgiest 30 or 60 second video about hunger.

This is your chance to be controversial, provocative and shocking - whatever it takes - to make a video that will grab the attention of the on-line community and get them thinking about world hunger.

The goal is to make a top rated viral video that creates a real buzz and gets people thinking about hunger.

Send a link or a compressed .wmv or quicktime file less than 4MB as an attachment to:

For more info go to:
Questions? Send an email to:
Name: World Food Program